Terre de Choix - Terracor Le Rural en Vie




The first purpose is to make a collective work in accordance with the laws of nature, to set up solutions in front of problem of the global warming, to contribute to the peace in the world.



The projects are discussed by the collective and the decisions grip(taking) with the approval of all. The collective functioning can allow certain partners to have the second activity and in each to travel

Establishment of an ethical charter

Art 1 : The purpose of the project is not the profit but to put the human value in the center. However economic activities must be organized for the survival of each. (Sale of farm produce, welcome(reception) of internships(training courses))

Art 2 : Every adhering(subscribing) member(limb) becomes responsible for the good(property) to be of all.

Art 3The association is managed by the community of the partners. The village has no hierarchy but a leading person in charge by business sector.: Welcome(Reception), construction, gardening and orchard, animations, external relations, etc. … The leader is elected by the assembly and can be replaced on his demand(request) or that of the other members of the collective.

Art 4The decisions on the functioning, the investments and any important activities must be taken by the collective on the principle of the consensus.

Art 5 : Regular meetings are scheduled with the functioning of the circle.

Art 6The association is in the laic principle of the law 1901 (apolitical and without religious trend)

Art 7A number of valuable search(research) are essential in the ethics of the partners

1) Respect for human rights, 2) Respect for children rights, 3) Helps, 4) holistic Health, 5) Justice, 6) Freedom, 7) Equality, 8) Brotherhood, 9) Equity, 10) Solidarity, 11) Share, 12) Communication, 13) Listening, 14) Expression, 15) Sociability, 16) Warmheartedness, 17) User-friendliness(Conviviality), 18) Sincerity, 19) Cooperation, 20) Dialogue, 21) Helpfulness, 22) Well-being, 23) Humility, 24) Creativity, 25) Humanism, 26) Serenity, 27) Confidence(Trust), 28) Diversity of the cultures, 29) Loyalty, 30) Ethics, 31) Evolution, 32) Innovation, 33) Beauty, 34) artistic Development, 35) Autonomy, 36) Open-mindedness, 37) Wisdom, 38) Respect for the vital elements (air, earth(ground), water), 39) Respect for the alive (vegetable and animal) 40) Kindness

This list was drawn up for the cultural project  » At last  the world  » led by the Cie Arthémuses 31 and gave rise to a tale and a song

Shared responsibility, 

Every partner is leading of one of the collective spaces or business sector: the room of welcome(reception), b) the dome, c) the orchard, d) the garden, e) animals, f) the tourist spaces, g) the construction site.

Project registers in a municipal and intermunicipal tourist dynamics

Integrate(Join) also on the human plan the project into the rural social fabric.

The partnership with local farmers wishing an income supplement and to make of the welcome(reception) family by realizing a bed and breakfast or a bungalow.

Construction site(Work) school international

To realize the constructions of the village of the world, the house of welcome, etc. the idea is to set up young people’s construction projects.

Place of associative welcome

The place could welcome seats of cultural associations and give its premises, for international associations of solidarity.