The 9 August 2022 at 16h00

Passion Comminges – Ode to the Feminine

Bois des Houx, route de Larroque, Montmaurin

From 05 to 09 August 2022, Terracor invites you to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Lespugue Venus discovery. 

For this second part of the project « Passion Comminges », Terracor wants to highlight a strong symbol of heritage, drawing inspiration from the themes of feminine, archaeology and culture of the arts to propose a dynamic of territory, and that radiate creativity and Convivencia.

Our « Ode to the Feminine » will be a time of celebration, sharing and conviviality around a rich and varied program, to delight all audiences and all ages.

* * * * * * * *

On the agenda for Tuesday, August 9

From 4 pm to 7 pm : invitation to dance

For all, amateurs or professionals from France or elsewhere, to create a link of a moment of harmony on Earth, Terracor proposes an invitation to the Dance at the end of the event “Passion Comminges – Ode to the Feminine”.

The groups will dance simultaneously, starting at 5 pm (Paris time), in various cities and villages in France and around the world. We invite you to film your performances for the realization of a global montage that will be broadcast later to the public.

* Those who wish to join the association in person are invited to the “Bois des Houx” (route de Larroque, Montmaurin). After the dances, we would be happy to share an aperitif with you, followed by a meal (each one brings something to share) at the “Bois des Houx”.

Three dances are on the program:

# First Dance: Dance of 8 *

Women around the world perform the 8 dance with their pelvis to honor the feminine through the Mother Goddess. The movements of 8 with the pelvis were used by women to facilitate postnatal and prenatal work in traditional societies. We also find these 8 movements in the graceful Tahitian dances carrying femininity and beauty.

# Break to share feelings before continuing with other benefits

# Second Dance : Free Dance

Women, men and children dance freely together.

# Third dance : Circle

Women, men and children dance in circles, holding hands.

Songs were composed especially for these three dances in a local studio.

# Fourth dance (optional): Typical dance 

In each place, each group will be able to perform a dance of its culture.

The Invitation to Dance will be a unique opportunity to share a moment of universal exchange, and at the same time to take advantage of a formidable communication window to promote his group, his village, his city, his region, his country.

* * * * * * * *

For more information or to register and receive the songs :

Email or contact Estella directly at +336 28 16 49

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