Terre de Choix - Terracor Le Rural en Vie


This project corresponds to a strategy dating around thirty years:

1986 – Works of collectage in valley of Save by Mr Dugros

1987 – Purchase of a grove locality Castagnède to Montmaurin by Mr Dugros

Communications strategy and of link with the territory:

1994-2003: animations of the gorges of Save by the Cie du Verseau based by Mr Dugros

2003 – on 2012: creation of social link on Toulouse with Cie Arthémuses 31


Meeting of the presidents of the associations of local authorities of Aurignac and Boulogne

Monthly meetings of dialogue and elaboration of the project to create an ecoplace of activity in Comminges


Creation of the collective association Earth of choice Terracor


April 1st(Fools’s Day) 2016 – The Earth association of choice Terracor welcomes a young person in civic service(department)

On Saturday, May 21st – Participation in the event biotonomes proposed by the association Carline, held by a stand(pit) in front of the store Saint-Gaudens

On Friday, 3 in Saturday, June 5th – Holding(Dress) of a stand(pit) to the festival Festimonde in the district of the mirail in Toulouse

On Sunday, June 26th – festive Reunion(Meeting) of launch of the festive project to Montmaurin

On Friday, September 9th – inter-associative Reunion(Meeting) in the rural home(foyer) of Larroque with the aim of creating of the social link on the territory

In October 8th – Reunion(Meeting) at the house of the Occitania with the Toulousian partners for the organization of the party(holiday)

Constructions on the ecoplace:


Decision to begin with a small pilot project in the Wood of Hollies (1300m ²) on the municipality of Montmaurin. This ground is given by Mister Dugros Charles

Clearing of the grove called the Wood of hollies

Cup(Cutting) of two big sweet chestnut trees torn away(extracted) by the storm of 2010


Pavement of the access path(road) in the wood of hollies

Wooden sawing of oak got back in the Gers, the sweet chestnut trees of the grove and the fir trees got back in the Ariège

Recovery(Recycling) of diverse materials: bamboo, pallets, wood, bricks, earth(ground) of clay and purchase of bales of straw

Installation of a tank for reserve of water drawn from a well. For use of the needs for the garden and for the constructions

Construction of huts in boards, dry toilet and shelters in materials and materials

Experiment of use of the material bamboo for creation of structure

Creation of frame for culture on mounds according to the principles of the permaculture.

Creation of a floor for an artistic workspace on 2016

In April in June – Construction of the office of the association in pallets

In August – Implementation of a cover over the floor, acting as kiosk to be danced

In August in October – Construction of a room of massage/rest: structure in bamboo and walls in cob