Workshop construction

Experiments of various constructions being inspired by ancestral, usual techniques in various continents, in particular le torchis.

dscn0927oeuf 7chantieroeuf2Emma3CharloumasqueDSCN0843structure bambou alexis


Construction of a room of massage / rest in the shape of egg. Structure in bamboo and insulation in cob.


bureau bois des houximg_20160607_154119dsc_2702 dsc_2688


Construction of the office of the association with a structure in pallets and the insulation in cob.


Atelier de Construction 1DSCN0745 mAtelier de Construction 2 Atelier de Construction 4  DSCN0872


Construction of the two floors of the futur living and dining rooms. The design of the basements in inspired by the observation of the Gallo-Roman Villa of Montmaurin for the circulation of the hot air under the walls, and by the observation of the old houses in raw clay of the religion for the setting up of bricks between the foundations and the walls.


Dry Toilets

creusage puits m








Well digging.