Project display

Terre de choix Terracor is a collegial association whose project is to create a place of life and activities in a collective, participating in a territorial dynamic and participating in supporting employment, strengthening the social bond and protecting the environment.

The project took root on a wooded lot called “the wood of the holly”, located at the place called Castagnede, in Montmaurin in the Comminges. Spaces are available for nature lovers to garden in a woodland clearing. Small buildings are available for members.

The layout of the place is done autonomously with natural materials or recovery, and using techniques ancestral or innovative, always in the respect of the environment. Mostly local companies will be called upon when necessary.

In this regard, participatory work sites will be organized at the site to contribute to the project and to learn these different building techniques. Animations will also be proposed in communal areas, such as wild plant recognitions, artistic walks … It is envisaged to organize an annual intercultural festival in the area, where music, cuisine, and architecture coming from from different parts of the world.