Hesta Fiesta Party Convivencia 2017

Hesta Fiesta Party Convivencia

In the footsteps of civilizations

During the Hesta Fiesta Party Convivencia a walk has been proposed in the Sava gorges led by Charlou


Here a musical break at the crossroads of the path and the river. Here 2000 years can be a pagan cult was there since here was found a divinity.

An exceptional site

The Sava gorges are protected from erosion by the plateau of Lannemezan. Since the dawn of time, they have preserved all their memories. They revealed several epochs of human occupation and various pagan, Greco-Roman, Christian cultures etc.

Several rooms are visible in the museums of Montmaurin and Lespugue


Le Petit Journal
05 Juillet 2017


La Gazette
05 Juillet 2017

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La dépêche
07 Juillet 2017